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We leverage our 10+ years of experience as a global adhesives innovator, manufacturer and solutions provider to help customers imagine, create, design and produce both today's and tomorrow’s electronics. We’ll work with you to determine your needs, then provide a tailored solution that includes process development and technology deployment. Our technical experts will review the material options available, match products with your requirements, provide samples and assist with application test builds – either in our labs or at your facility. We have also partnered with industry experts in the electronics assembly space to offer broader, end-to-end solutions in addition to the materials and process technologies we’re known for.


OPAQ Adhesivess Kimya's board level materials offer customers excellent performance and high productivity. Moreover, these board level adhesives facilitate equipment savings and reduce technology investment adding to the customers bottom line. Being able to match materials for board assemblies provides consistency in manufacturing processes and product performance.
We offer a broad range of products, from multiple chemistries, to meet multiple board assembly applications. Urethane, acrylic, epoxy, and silicone chemistries are used in conformal coatings, adhesives (die attach, surface mount, thermally conductive) and potting/encapsulants. Detailed review and


OPAQ Adhesivess's family of UV curable materials uses artificial ultraviolet light to rapidly cure the adhesive after application. These versatile products offer several advantages, including capability in high-speed automation, adhesion to a wide range of materials, and excellent end-use performance.Our UV curable adhesives are ideal for a wide range of applications. They are excellent for bonding metal to glass in applications such as solder joint protection and LCD terminal reinforcement, and for plastic bonding, in applications such as wire reinforcement and camera module bonding.

*A variety of viscosity options to meet a range of application conditions
*Products specially formulated for adhesion to metal, ceramic, glass, plastic, PC, and PVC
*Fast cure for capability in high-speed production
*Excellent end use performance across a broad scope of applications


Our family of low temperature cure epoxy adhesives meets the increasing need for materials that are compatible with temperature-sensitive components. These products not only can be applied and cured at low temps, but also cure quickly in order to optimize line speeds, without compromising final adhesive strength. This is important for many applications, including camera module house bonding, large screen backlight, and some filter bonding applications.

OPAQ Adhesivess's family of low temperature cure adhesives is designed to include:
*Materials for all methods of dispensing
*Adhesion to difficult substrates, oily surfaces, and PA9T
*Fast curing materials, suitable for high-speed production
*A variety of viscosities for a wide range of processes and applications
*High reliability & optimal end-use performance


OPAQ Adhesivess's line of one-and two-component urethane, acrylic, and epoxy adhesive products features unique flexibility in application, cure speed and performance. These materials are formulated for applications where factors like dispensing and cure schedule, as well as performance demands such as abrasion, bond strength, temperature and mechanical shock are an issue. These materials are formulated for precise performance features, which cover a wide range of mechanical, thermal, optical and electrical performance capabilities.

Our family of structural bonding liquid adhesives includes products designed with:
*Exceptional adhesion to similar and dissimilar substrates
*A variety of curing options, such as heat, moisture, UV, or a combination
*Solvent-free formulations
*Halogen-free formulations
*Dimensional stability
*High peel strength
*Low odor with no out-gassing
*Fast, 100% complete cure
*Outstanding chemical resistance
*Materials available to meet specifications such as UL, FDA, NSF, etc.


OPAQ Adhesivess's family of reactive hot melt adhesives includes products that are specifically designed for mobile device assembly. Our products are designed to cover a broad spectrum of applications from touch panel assembly to mobile phone parts bonding, by providing a range of performance characteristics including impact, chemical, moisture, and temperature resistance.Some of these products have gasket-like properties, which provide outstanding sealing and protecting capability for electrical and electronic devices from moisture, water, oils, and contaminants such as dust.Other products are specially formulated for applications that require reworkability of an assembly. These materials combine high performance and reliability with mechanisms to remove the adhesive and reuse the components.

Our Family of reactive hot melt adhesives includes products that offer:
*Robust, tough, single-component construction
*Near instantaneous bond strength
*Adhesion to a wide variety of substrates
*Resistance to chemicals, fuels and oils
*Reduced need for primers, as they are not typically required to develop good bond strength
*Low MVTR (superior moisture resistance)
*Formation of a resilient, tough polymer after cure, but can also be flexible
*Environmental safety; non and low (< 0.1%) isocyanateformulations


The reworkable underfill chip-scale package materials from OPAQ Adhesivess are based on a one-component epoxy system. These products feature high-purity resin (low halogen content), fast cure at low temperatures, and easy reworkability. They provide superior protection from mechanical impact.

Capillary Underfill OPAQ Adhesivess’s portfolio of capillary underfill products features fast dispensing at room temperature in 0.4 mm pitch CSP. The process time demands of large-scale production require underfill materials that flow at room temperature without additional processes. For large-scale manufacturers of electronic portable devices, use of these products will facilitate equipment savings and reduce technology investment. Some materials are specially designed for compatibility with temperature sensitive components, such as camera modules, and cure quickly at 80°C.

*Compatibility with a lead-free curing profile
*Low temperature curing
*High reliability
*Rapid filling at room temperature for 0.4 mm pitch CSP or WLCSP, without substrate preheating
*A variety of viscosity options for a range of application requirements, including lower gap heights and smaller pitch
*Edge Bonding
*In additional to capillary underfill materials, H.B. Fuller also offers a variety of edge bonding materials across a range of viscosities and cure profiles. These products provide excellent performance in applications such as corner reinforcement and narrow edge bonding.


Simple. Clean. Fast. Flexel™ reactive film adhesives from H.B. Fuller provide an advanced alternative to fasteners, liquid adhesives, and thermoplastic film adhesives. The combination of low activation temperature and thermosetting technology results in a superior bonding solution.Reactive adhesives cure during heat activation to form a cross-linked network creating a tough, flexible, heat resistant bond. Flexel™ reactive film adhesives deliver the performance of a reactive adhesive in a easy to use film. These reactive films are especially valuable in assemblies that are exposed to harsh environments such as spills, extreme temperatures, elevated humidity or shock from impact.Flexel™ reactive film adhesives are stable under ambient conditions, eliminating the need to refrigerated during storage. Activation temperatures are low enough to be gentle on substrates like leather and fine textiles for optimal aesthetics.

Flexel™ reactive film adhesives feature:
*Simple: Comes in an easy to use film form
*Clean: No messy application equipment
*Fast: Immediate handling strength
*Cool: Low temperature application
*Durable: Reactive, cross-linking film
*Tough: High strength and elongation


OPAQ Adhesivess's Materials Dispensing Equipment solutions include easy installation of automatic control components for multi-purpose production equipment. The machine temperature controller and I / O PORT allow the installation of automatic control components, such as a cylinder, gripper, vacuum nozzle, etc. in order to meet the needs of different types of production processes.This equipment features customized design and production to provide you with the most professional service, depending on your process design, such as clip fixture design CCD image detection, the amount of dispensing, issues warning special dispensing path program development.The equipment is compatible with all types of materials, including hot melt adhesive, UV glue, epoxy, red plastic, silver glue, two-component, COB black, conductive adhesive, cooling aluminum paste, and instant glue.

Our line of equipment solutions is designed with features that include:
*Compatibility with any liquid
*Capability for fine-line dispensing (200um with needle type G27 and G28)
*Dual digital display with positive and negative pressure for easy reading and recording
*Vacuum suck-back feature to ensure good dispensing quality and prevent dripping
*“Teach” and “Save” modes
*Ability to dispense in Manual, Automatic, or Preset Mode
*Program Group Memory function
*Timer accuracy up to 0.01 second
*Input Power: 100 –24
*Precise temperature control for accurate dispensing
*Uniform heat to achieve stable viscosity
*Unique heating design at the needle tip to prevent clogging